What Others are Saying about Lora Bay.


What can we say…. the Meet & Greets, the people, the water and the golf, we feel as though we are on vacation every weekend!

Rudy & Irene Bianchi


Our decision to move to Lora Bay was a result of chance.  We were driving back from Banff and decided to look for a property near the water on Lake Huron.  We had a Lakeside house in Laval, Quebec, and still wanted to be on or near the water.  With family members within two hours of Toronto, Georgian Bay seemed a good starting point.  When we saw the sign for the model homes at Lora Bay we figured we should check it out.  The first view of the deep, blue water as we turned towards the Presentation Centre was a big plus.  After listening to Helen Kimble talk about the community that had formed at Lora Bay, the choice of model or custom house plans, and the future plans for Lora Bay, we knew this could be a new home for us.  Now, you have to realize we have said many times – “we would never build a new house or live on a golf course” or even consider moving.  Well, as you can see we did, and are totally happy that we changed our minds.  Our house was built by Steve Garrow whose home plans matched and exceeded our wishes.  Now we have a great view, friendly neighbours and live in a community that provides a variety of entertainment and sports activities.  We enjoy the golf course with its challenges, and also for the areas set aside for the local wildlife.  Meet and Greet gatherings are always something to look forward to on Friday nights.  So, now that the move is done and we are settled in, we have plans to explore the surrounding areas and look forward to getting to know the Lora Bay residents.  You never know where chance will bring you but the decision to explore Lora Bay has been great for us.

Shirley & Ritchie Baird


My wife and I purchased our primary residence in Lora Bay to join in and become part of the Lora Bay neighborhood community.  We first fell in love with the natural setting and proximity to the beach on Georgian Bay as well the access to the Georgian Trail line.  Watching the sunrise through the orchard apple trees and the sun setting beside the 100 year old barn located behind our home is simply spectacular.

Ward & Carol Bond


A ‘happy chance’ meeting at The Mill Café with Jim and Monica Wilkinson ended up with the four of us enjoying a summer evening together on the back patio and reinforced our decision to purchase a lot at Lora Bay.  We had attended the original town hall meetings when the Lora Bay development was first introduced to the community and it looked, felt, and sounded like the perfect community to blend in with our lifestyle in the Southern Georgian Bay area.  Five years have passed since those initial presentations, and three years since our discussions with Jim and Monica that evening. The Lora Bay community vision is now a reality.

Because of what we do for a living, design and build custom homes, we consider all facets of a development – design, construction, colour, streetscape, landscape, amenities, distance to services, sales & re-sale, and simply how does it feel when you are walking around the neighbourhood. What started out as a speculative build for our company turned into a personal project for us and is now our home.  We have had a number of touchstones with all of the Lora Bay staff over the years – and the entire staff understands, builds on and maintains that original vision.  It works!

William (Bill) Brown & Barbra Patton 


We feel so happy every time we drive up Lora Bay Drive and see Georgian Bay, the lovely view and scenery. You must understand, our summer roots are over on the opposite shore of Georgian Bay; in Cognashene. To spend our winter here makes us very happy indeed.

What really surprised us was our children’s response to this place. At 21 and 23 years of age, they feel secure and happy to be surrounded by friends and family. My son and daughter have even found seasonal employment in the area. They’re also sporting “Bay Boys Sweat Shirts” which, to us, exemplifies their love of this place.

We fell in love with the town of Thornbury and all the outdoor activities. Coming from Toronto we enjoy the slower pace and friendly people. It certainly is a very special place and we have never regretted purchasing a home here.

Greg, Diane, Meghan & Thomas Finkle


We had lived in the UK for 16 years and it was time to retire. We had previously lived in Sacramento CA , Vancouver BC, Edmonton AB, Kitchener-Waterloo ON as well as the Stratford region.

In retirement, we wanted to live in an area which was reasonably close to our children and grandchildren as well as family relatives.  We started looking in Stratford and K-W, but couldn’t find an area with a real strong community feel, nor one which would have a draw such that our family would want to visit reasonably often.  At the suggestion of our son, we came and checked out a number of locations in the Georgian Bay region and in the Muskokas.  In our view, Lora Bay won hands down as the place to relocate.  We both love to golf, snowshoeing, skiing and (equally important) love to have our kids and grandkids come to visit.  In Lora Bay we found not only a beautiful setting, but a stunning location with easy access to several great restaurants, shops, food stores with a great selection, and theatre in Meaford.  The distance and time to visit family and friends in Mississauga and Toronto is ideal at just under 2 hours.  Finally, the big draw is the unbelievable sense of community and the fantastic outgoing nature and friendliness of the residents.

So in summary, why Lora Bay?

  • great sense of community with as much or as little involvement as you like,
  • an active lifestyle community with golf, skiing, cycling, hiking, kayaking and all the outdoor activities you can want,
  • an easy drive for family and friends to come and visit and vice versa,
  • a stunning location with some great views,
  • plenty of amazingly good restaurants and shops in Thornbury and surrounding area,
  • wonderful selection of entertainment and theatre at the Meaford Hall,
  • away from the hustle and bustle of the big city,
  • the wonderful people who live here.

We have been extremely pleased with our decision of Lora Bay and would highly recommend it as a place to really enjoy life.

Ken & Ann McKenzie


What Lora Bay means to me.

It is about the pace of life….a bit slower.

It is about the camaraderie because it is….so friendly and welcoming.

It is all about enjoying the outdoor life, because we have the walking, hiking and biking trails, the Lora Bay Golf Course and the waterfront for canoeing, kayaking and swimming. In winter you can snowshoe or cross country ski right outside your door or head to the slopes close by.

It is about the good times…like Friday ‘Meet and Greets’, The Barn Dance, Pot Luck St. Patrick’s Day in The Lodge, the September BBQ-Meat and Greet on the Patio, Ladies Day and Men’s Day on The Golf Course and so much more.

It is about being active and joining the Pilates or Yoga group, the Poker Club, the Book club, Couples Bridge or whatever group you may want to organize.

It is about fellowship….having so many people come forward when someone needs a helping hand.

It’s the view. Be it the water or mountain, you don’t have to pick a favourite because we’ve got both!!

What is it about Lora Bay that I love? Everything!

IT’S FABULOUS. WHY? Because Lora Bay has it all!

Nancy Pickering


One of the most enriching experiences for modern people, in my opinion, is to have a meaningful sense of community.  People without close friends and family are spiritually bereft; people without friendly neighbours become sour; people lacking the opportunity to interact with others on a meaningful level miss the great gift of camaraderie that helps us rise above the banalities of life.  Lora Bay has excelled in fulfilling this need for enriching connection. Lora Bay is truly an organic community that has grown from within, attracted ‘like-minded’ people who appreciate room and fresh air to breathe, open spaces to roam and play, beautiful architecture to inspire and uplift, social events that suit.

The credit for creating this vision is due to the founders; the credit for making the vision come alive is due to the Real Estate team housed in their beautiful office at 101 Hoggard Court.

The responsiveness of the team, their attention to detail, and their involvement in the spirit of Lora Bay is unsurpassed in my experience.  I have never felt so welcome and inspired to participate in a community as I do here.  Although we are starting as ‘weekenders’, belonging to Lora Bay has enriched our life and gives us much to look forward to: the weekly Meet and Greets; quality cuisine in The Grill restaurant; watching our dog bound in delight with his buddies in the deep snowscape; golfing in the sunshine; hiking on the crisp leaf-strewn Georgian Trail; sipping drinks on the Clubhouse deck with its stunning views; enjoying the company of friends, new and old, in our divine home.

… Living and Playing at Lora Bay.

Linda Reed


Lora Bay is a special place.  As part-time homeowners we think Lora Bay is special for the following reasons:

  1. It is a comfortable home away from the city, a change of venue.  Our Villa is unique in its design and we have pleasant views from three directions.
  2. We enjoy playing golf on the course which offers views of Georgian Bay.
  3. The Georgian Trail is very close and we take advantage of cross country skiing in the winter, walking and bicycling in the fall and spring.
  4. Peter is a sailor and we are close to the harbour.

We enjoy Lora Bay!

Peter & Mary Shenstone


Our neighbours and fellow owners have become friends through the many club functions such as Friday Meet & Greets, Christmas Carol Singing or New Years parties. Beyond the beautiful setting and carefully planned buildings, Lora Bay is our home that our children & grandchildren love to visit, not just our club. Our sincere thanks to the Wilkinson’s, the other partners, the Real Estate team and the supportive staff that made our choice to move to Lora Bay the perfect one!!

Thanks also to our good friends who told us about Lora Bay after we had researched many other communities and clubs.

No comparison!!

Peter & Judy Stewart