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Hole 10 Hole 11 Hole 12 Hole 13 Hole 14 Hole 15 Hole 16 Hole 17 Hole 18
Black 73.9/143
Silver 72.2/137
Cobalt 70.4/132
White M 67.9/125 L 73.9/132
Gold L 71.0/122


HOLE 1 – Par 4 – 385 to 414 Yards

One of the most visually stunning starting holes anywhere overlooking Georgian Bay. Standing on the edge of the Nippising Ridge, the tee shot drops close to 120 feet to a generous fairway. You’ll want to try to keep your ball on the right side of the fairway for the best angle at the elevated green site that’s protected by a brook that runs down the left side of the hole and then in front of the green. The green slopes from back to front.

Black 414
Silver 404
Cobalt 394
White 385
Gold 385



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HOLE 2 – Par 4 – 247 to 383 Yards

Anyone who watched  the Telus Skins Game in 2007 won’t soon forget Big Bad John Daly’s mammoth tee shot directly over the water as it bounced a couple of times and rolled onto the green. Few if any other people will ever be able to replicate that shot. The smart strategy on this dogleg left is to pick a point to the right of the large pond that meanders down the entire left side of the hole. From the fairway landing area it’s a comfortable iron shot that takes the water out of play on the second shot.

Black 383
Silver 361
Cobalt 335
White 303
Gold 247



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HOLE 3 – Par 3 – 136 to 240 Yards

This is the longest of the par-3s on the course and the toughest according to the scorecard. You’ll want to stay to the right to avoid the banks of the pond that run from tee to green. There’s a nasty bunker tucked into the front left corner of the green that’s to be avoided and there is some landing room to the right for anyone who comes up short. A pocket of trees that can play tricks on a golfer when the wind comes up nicely surrounds the largest green on the course.

Black 240
Silver 212
Cobalt 187
White 160
Gold 136



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HOLE 4 – Par 5 – 403 to 520 Yards

This is a short par-5 that plays along the top of the Nippising Ridge. Big hitters can go for the green in two if they want to fly a tee shot over the first fairway bunker to the right, while most people would be advised to stay a little left of it and land in the generous fairway. The second shot is straightforward but a couple of well-placed bunkers and a grassy swale in front of the green will keep all but the best shots from reaching their destination. Be careful of the bunker to the right of the green on your approach – it’s deceptively further from the green than you might think!

Black 520
Silver 500
Cobalt 473
White 452
Gold 403



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HOLE 5 – Par 4 – 276 to 375 Yards

If there’s a friendly par-4 on the front nine this is it. Off the tee the left fairway bunker is visually intimidating, but for the best angle at the green you’re going to want to blast right over it. Otherwise put your first shot on the undulating fairway and take your chances with the second shot to the green, guarded by strategically placed bunkers that are well in front of at the front right edge, while the tightly cut roll off areas surrounding the green.

Black 375
Silver 358
Cobalt 339
White 318
Gold 276



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HOLE 6 – Par 5 – 398 to 543 Yards

With nine bunkers to weave your way through on this serpentine hole, McBroom and Lehman’s strategic ragged bunker style is a  highlight of what is considered to be the hardest hole on the course. The best advice is to think twice before you just blast away and take a second look at the yardage book, because you’ll find the course’s only fairway pot bunker comes into play on the 2nd shot. There’s a terrific series of three bunkers at the left front of the green and two more to the right making the approach shot a skillful challenge.

Black 543
Silver 518
Cobalt 484
White 433
Gold 398



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HOLE 7 – Par 3 – 101 to 214 Yards

If each hole had a name – this one would be appropriately called Deception. It’s not overly long even from the back tee, but there’s a seemingly innocent fairway bunker in front of the green that makes the hole appear shorter than it is. The trick is to fly the bunker and the ball will roll onto the green. You want to avoid a second bunker that’s tucked into the left front face of the green. There’s room to miss to the right on this one, but don’t get carried away or you’ll be in the trees.

Black 214
Silver 188
Cobalt 167
White 141
Gold 101




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HOLE 8 – Par 4 – 344 to 446 Yards

This is the hole that McBroom calls “The best par-4 on the course,” and it’s one of his all time favourites. This long and sweeping par-4 forces players to navigate the angled bunker left of the landing area. Once again the green is well protected with steep bunkers to the right and left, while the green has a flared roll to its backside.

Black 446
Silver 422
Cobalt 395
White 368
Gold 344




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HOLE 9 – Par 4 – 316 to 441 Yards

While it doesn’t look that exciting off the tee, the front nine finishes with a gust of glory on this sharp dogleg that bends to the left and then opens up to a sensational second shot overlooking Georgian Bay. Strangely there are no bunkers on this hole. However, a creek meanders down the left edge of the fairway in and out of the trees before cutting directly across the fairway and flowing down the right side of the steeply elevated green site.

Black 441
Silver 411
Cobalt 387
White 350
Gold 316




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HOLE 10 – Par 5 – 378 to 503 Yards

As you turn onto the property and head down Lora Bay Drive, you get your first glimpse of Lora Bay’s 10th hole. As one of the more narrow holes on the course, this par-5 demands that you keep it down the center of the fairway to avoid dense forest on both sides. As always you’ll want to be careful with your approach to the green that is protected by bunkers short left and long right.

Black 503
Silver 470
Cobalt 431
White 408
Gold 378




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HOLE 11 – Par 4 – 386 to 486 Yards

After playing a 500-yard par-5, you get to enjoy a 486-yard par-4. Don’t hold back; however, keep the tee shot straight down the narrow tree-lined fairway to avoid a bunker on the right. The second shot must carry a bunker on the left that is set well in front of the green. Bunkers line both sides of the green. A century-old barn stands in solitude behind the green reminiscent of Old Ontario charm.

Black 486
Silver 460
Cobalt 438
White 412
Gold 386




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HOLE 12 – Par 3 – 88 to 200 Yards

If there’s a breather hole on the course, this is it and chances are you’ll need it after playing No.11. This short par-3 requires an accurate tee shot to a sloping green that is perched 10 feet above the fairway and protected with a nasty bunker to the right.

Black 200
Silver 162
Cobalt 140
White 114
Gold 88




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HOLE 13 – Par 5 – 443 to 600 Yards

At 600 yards this is the longest hole on the course, but it’s not considered among the most difficult. It’s certainly a genuine three-shot hole that forces you to play to the left of the fairway off the tee to avoid flirting with the 100-yard bunker that runs down the right side of the hole. You can basically grip it and rip on the second shot as the fairway cuts through a timeless apple orchard that stands as a tribute to the area’s heritage. As usual, McBroom and Lehman have heavily fortified the green on both the right and left sides.

Black 600
Silver 572
Cobalt 540
White 483
Gold 443




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HOLE 14 – Par 4 – 252 to 328 Yards

All good courses have at least one great short par-4 and The Golf Club at Lora Bay is no exception. The 14th hole could be named “The Temptress” as it plays just 328 yards from the tips. On a day with the wind at your back it’s certainly reachable from the forward tees with a perfect shot. If you’re not a big hitter and aren’t thinking eagle two, then a smooth iron or hybrid to the centre of the fairway, which is flanked by bunkers on both sides, is a wise decision. The green is protected by a steep bunker to the front right and is surrounded by more apple trees.

Black 328
Silver 310
Cobalt 289
White 269
Gold 252



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HOLE 15 – Par 3 – 104 to 195 Yards

Arguably one of the most visually stunning par-3’s in Ontario and without doubt the most memorable hole at The Golf Club at Lora Bay. While not overly long, the tee shot is visually stunning as it dramatically drops over 200 feet into the forest below, while golfers enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Georgian Bay and the sail boats that adorn the water. It’s a fabulous hole that you will want to play time and time again. The green is guarded by bunkers to the front right and left and to the back and doesn’t give anything away as it slopes significantly from back to front.

Black 195
Silver 182
Cobalt 168
White 104
Gold 104



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HOLE 16 – Par 5 – 371 to 557 Yards

You can bring out the big stick on this hole and have some fun with a tee shot to an elevated fairway that twists to the right. For the second shot, you’ll feel squeezed playing along a plateau below the Nipissing Ridge and just above the shores of Georgian Bay. There’s only one bunker on this hole and it comes into play down the left side of the second shot landing area, while the green sits peacefully among the trees.

Black 557
Silver 530
Cobalt 488
White 454
Gold 371




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HOLE 17 – Par 3 – 133 to 224 Yards

Set back on top of the Ridge, this closing par-3 is one of the more demanding one-shot holes on the course. Fairway bunkers to the left and right and a large bunker at the back right corner heavily fortify the two-tiered green.

Black 224
Silver 202
Cobalt 182
White 154
Gold 133




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HOLE 18 – Par 4 – 335 to 436 Yards

With the Clubhouse and glimpses of Georgian Bay in sight, this is a wonderful finishing hole through the labyrinth of seven bunkers that come into play. The aggressive tee shot is to play the ball over the left corner of the first bunker, to the right, and then fire at another well-protected green. The safer play off the tee is to stay to the left, but the second shot is then more demanding. As always, it’s your choice and that’s the beauty of spending at day at The Golf Club at Lora Bay. As Tom Lehman says, “it’s a strategic triumph and a pleasure to play!”

Black 436
Silver 402
Cobalt 376
White 355
Gold 335



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